Nuestros vinos distintivos de California en prácticos envases LISTO PARA LLEVAR de 500 ml.


Una opción más ligera para disfrutar de los deliciosos sabores de los vinos Woodbridge.


Espumante premium de California infusionado con sabores de frutas naturales.


Very smooth wine and goes well with any meal, definitely recommended.

- Bonnie H.

Good wine great value full body flavor.

- James M.

Wine was excellent. I didn’t take a picture because we had already drank it. Everyone really enjoyed the wine with our dinner. Woodbridge Merlot is excellent with a roast beef dinner.

- Mary C.

This is a crisp version of a chardonnay. A bit sharper than the Woodbridge regular Chardonnay. It's lite with a bit of a zing. Very enjoyable on a warm summer evening.

- Wendy

I love this wine not sweet and great aftertaste.

- Sharon B.

First time purchase, it won't be my last...delicious!!

- Becky H.

This wine is a very smooth beverage. Suitable being served with most any meal, it's not too crisp or too heavy. It is wonderful served well chilled.

- Wendy

I really enjoyed the flavor! Better than other red wines I've had.

- T.H.

This is a nice smooth wine. I enjoyed it with friends and family and everyone agreed that it taste great. The value is also great.

- Donna W.

Sweet and refreshing. Light and tasty on a hot Florida day!

- Robyn S.

Good stuff nice clean crisp taste with a citrus overall. Not to sweet. Easy to drink. Goes with most anything.

- Traci K.

Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc is one of our go to wines. I love the taste, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable but tasty white wine.

- Keegan K.

This wine has an awesome taste and smooth. Definitely buy again. Nice change from the normal Chardonnay.

- Linda M.

Served this Chardonnay at a party and it went fast. Best part is the price. If you like a buttery Chardonnay, this wine is for you!

- Bonnie M.

Always a good choice. Economical and tasty.

- Ingrid K.