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Our signature California wines in convenient 500ml grab-and-gos.


A ligher option for enjoying the delicious flavors of Woodbridge Wines.


Premium California Sparkling Wine infused with natural fruit flavors.


Very smooth wine and goes well with any meal, definitely recommended.

- Bonnie H.

Good wine great value full body flavor.

- James M.

Wine was excellent. I didn’t take a picture because we had already drank it. Everyone really enjoyed the wine with our dinner. Woodbridge Merlot is excellent with a roast beef dinner.

- Mary C.

This is a crisp version of a chardonnay. A bit sharper than the Woodbridge regular Chardonnay. It's lite with a bit of a zing. Very enjoyable on a warm summer evening.

- Wendy

I love this wine not sweet and great aftertaste.

- Sharon B.

First time purchase, it won't be my last...delicious!!

- Becky H.

This wine is a very smooth beverage. Suitable being served with most any meal, it's not too crisp or too heavy. It is wonderful served well chilled.

- Wendy

I really enjoyed the flavor! Better than other red wines I've had.

- T.H.

This is a nice smooth wine. I enjoyed it with friends and family and everyone agreed that it taste great. The value is also great.

- Donna W.

Sweet and refreshing. Light and tasty on a hot Florida day!

- Robyn S.

Good stuff nice clean crisp taste with a citrus overall. Not to sweet. Easy to drink. Goes with most anything.

- Traci K.

Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc is one of our go to wines. I love the taste, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable but tasty white wine.

- Keegan K.

This wine has an awesome taste and smooth. Definitely buy again. Nice change from the normal Chardonnay.

- Linda M.

Served this Chardonnay at a party and it went fast. Best part is the price. If you like a buttery Chardonnay, this wine is for you!

- Bonnie M.

Always a good choice. Economical and tasty.

- Ingrid K.