Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi - Winemakers Selection - Muscat Hamburg red wine


Historically grown in California's Central Valley as a table grape, Muscat Hamburg traces its roots to the cool growing regions of Germany. Known under a variety of local names (Black Muscat, Golden Muscat, Moscato di Amburgo); it is one of only a few black-skinned muscat varieties. Thus, the pigment in the skin is what lends this wine its color. As a dessert wine, Muscat Hamburg is highly aromatic and richly colored. It is a true pleasure to hold a glass of Muscat Hamburg and breathe in the heady aromas. Though sweet, it is refreshingly crisp, bright and lively in the mouth.

Feeling festive? Romantic? Crisp and refreshing, Woodbridge Winemaker's Selection Muscat Hamburg will entice you with its perfume of roses, cranberries, and tangerines, accentuated with a hint of effervescense. Muscat Hamburg is perfect as a standalone sipper, but also makes a delightful cocktail when mixed with Woodbridge Extra Dry sparkling wine. Move over Mimosa! Drink well chilled.

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