Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi - Winemakers Selection - Section 29 Chardonnay white wine


Named after Section 29 of the Volstead Act, which allowed for the production of 200 gallons of wine for home consumption during prohibition, our Section 29 Chardonnay exemplifies our handcrafted winemaking traditions. Made of 100 percent chardonnay grapes, all fermented in new oak barrels, this is a rich and supple wine with traditional chardonnay appeal.

Woodbridge Winemaker's Selection Section 29 Chardonnay offers apple, brown sugar and toasted oak flavors that accentuates the creamy and rich mouthfeel. This Lodi, California Chardonnay is a great complement to cedar planked salmon and cracked crab at your end of summer barbecue. Feeling a chill in the air? The flavors of maple and spiced apples with a touch of oak pair well with a roasted red pepper and butternut squash soup for those cooler fall evenings. Drink chilled.

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