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How Much Wine to Buy

When you are hosting a party, not everyone will like the same wine. Buy a few different types and styles so that people have options. I recommend at least one red and one white - some of your guests will only drink one or the other.

For a light, white wine, try Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio; for a buttery, oaky wine, Chardonnay works well; for a light red, Pinot Noir is a crowd pleaser; and for a heavier red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is often a favorite.

There is a simple formula to determine the right amount of wine you will need to ensure a successful party.

• Determine the number of guests that will be coming to your event
• Number of guests x number of hours = number of servings. Example: 5 guests x 2 hours = 10 Servings
• Once you know the number of servings you'll need, you can then calculate the amount of wine to purchase based on the number of servings in each bottle size.

750ml Bottle = 5 Servings
1.5L Bottle = 10 Servings
Example: If you need 10 servings, you could purchase either two 750ml bottles or one 1.5L bottle.


Have appropriate glassware for the types of wine you'll be serving:

• White wines tend to be served in tulip shaped glasses
• Red wines are served in rounded and larger bowl glasses
• A suitable all-purpose wine glass should hold 10 ounces, be transparent, and have a light curve at the top

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